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Sacred Pilgrimage in the Bolivian Andes

In this intensive two week journey we travel to the city of La Paz, where we stay for a couple of days to acclimitize ourselves to the altitude, while enjoying ceremonies at the beautiful Sacha Runa Ceremonial Chamber at the foothills of some of the most sacred "Achachilas" (mountain gods) in the Andes.

Then we begin our sacred pilgrimage to the land of the world-renowned highland healers, the Kallahuayas, stopping for ceremony at the Sacred Lake of the Incas, Lake Titicaca (Possibly doing ceremony at the Island of the Sun as well).

Once in Kallahuaya territory, we will trek for four days accompanied by a local shaman and a pack of LLamas. We will visit various shrines along the way, and conduct special ceremonies to connect ourselves with their energies and teachings.

All along we will learn and participate in the Kallahuaya teachings and rituals, as well as the rituals and teachings Miguel has acquired through his involvement with North American and Peruvian Amazon Shamanism.

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