Sacred Ceremony

Sun-Moon Dance

Long Dance with sacred Cactus of the Andes

Amazonian Ceremonies with the Vine of the Soul

Inipi : Sweat Lodge

Dancing the New Time: Fullfilling the Condor and Eagle Prophecy

Ceremonial Context

The Sacha Runa Library

The central key in the human embrace of a truly simbiotic relationship with our world is in the reverent exploration of our unity and interconnectedness with all of life. As we expand into that wider being, devoted to relating with our surroundings as sacred, we find ourselves naturally remembering and designing ways of ritualizing our interactions with the greater whole. Ceremony is the creative process of invoking an ever deepening potency of contact with those forces of nature that we wish to explore within ourselves.

In the heart of this movement, Sacha Runa presents a host of both traditional and adapted ceremonies, born of an ageless and artful cycle of evolution. These intentional, facilitated spaces are an intimate dance of communion with the more than human expanses of medicine, the elements, deep time and a pantheon of sacred allies, as the secret power within us. We do this work in strong alliance with our surrounding spiritual communities, as a heart offering to the collective. Feel free to email to find out how you can work with any of us in this way.