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The Sacha Runa Peace Chamber

By Miguel A. Kavlin

The partially underground, oval in shape Sacha Runa Peace Chamber

we descend into our inner-self

The Sacha Runa Peace Chamber is built entirely of natural and native materials (stones, adobe, straw, leather and wood), and nested high-up in the Andes, in between the massive and imposing Andean mountain-range and the gentle eroded-earth formations and sacred lagoon of an area called "Las Animas" or "the souls" deemed by locals to be "enchanted". This is a ceremonial space created in 1996 by Miguel Kavlin and his group, for the purposes of helping people reconnect to the sacred energies within them, and align themselves to the powerful sacred energies surrounding them, making a circuit of energy for the purpose of fostering peace in the world and the universe.

The San Pedro Cactus

"El Cañon de Las Animas", or "The Canyon of the Souls"

Two of the Guiding Spiritual Forces at the Sacha Runa Site.

The building of the Sacha Runa Peace Chamber was from the beginning consecrated to working healing-magic and positive vibration through invocations, burnt and buried offerings, and beyond. This work is done in the local Andean shamanic tradition to the "Achachilas" or Mountain Gods, Pachamama, "Mother Earth", "Chullpas and Awichos" Ancestors Beings, and "Glorias" Healing powers and in the North American shamanic tradition, The grandfathers of the four directions - the up-above, down-below and all around, Wakan Tanka.

Traditional Andean Offering to propitiate the Earth and Mountain Gods

The Sacha Runa Peace Chamber belongs to a circuit of Peace Chambers around the world inspired by a vision that came to medicine man, visionary, and artist Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, in 1983.

In his vision, Beautiful Painted Arrow saw an angelic being descending as a ring of light on the garden plot besides his trailer-home in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Then a second circle of light appeared inside the first with an angel cradling a child in its arms. The baby was placed in the center of the first circle with instructions, "Now you must raise this child".

In accordance to the teachings of his people, whereby a vision given obligates the recipient to bring it into manifestation, Beautiful painted Arrow set-out to build what was to become the first peace Chamber on the site where the lights in his vision had appeared.

"This "light child" buried in the ground by the angel-like beings underneath the Peace Chamber is the symbol of the vision's purpose - that the teachings of world peace will mature, grow and teach others.

As the seed of life that needs to be planted in fertile ground for all life to happen, so the seeds of Peace, which these Chambers are, implant themselves in the hearts of people who come to it with an open-heart and good intentions, so that the feeling and idea of peace will slowly grow and come to fruition in them.

The Vision of the Peace Chambers, itself, has grown now to cover about 39 chambers around the world, from Australia and Austria to England, the Isle of Sky and Tennessee, and now, the Bolivian Andes.

Each chamber sends waves out through sound and prayer, like ripples of water, into the earth to heal and bring new life from the ancient sacred places for even larger universal healing. These chambers truly establish a sacred network of positive, healing and peace-enhancing vibrations throughout our planet to enhance the cause of preserving life on our planet, and honoring and celebrating the sacredness of all life.

Inipi (Sweat) Lodge at the Sacha Runa Site

The Sacha Runa Peace Chamber is open for spiritual retreats, vision-quests, medicine-ceremonies, chanting and meditation sessions, healing, and generally speaking, any individual or group gathering for sacred purposes.

The roof entrance to the Chamber overlooks sacred Mt. Illimani

The Chamber gets a new 8-pointed-star roof.