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Catalogue of Hand Carved Shamanic Pipes

Don Agustin Rivas, a renowned wood-sculptor and shaman started a sculpting school near his healing camp in the village of Tamshiyacu in order to help local villagers earn a decent living while diverting them from hunting, slash and burn agriculture and other depredatory practices. By buying these pipes you are directly contributing to the wellbeing of these villagers and to the well-being of the amazonian rainforests.

These pipes are all made from Paruvian Amazon hardwoods. They are traditionally used together with Peruvian-Amazon tobacco for blowing smoke to clear the ritual-space, clean a personīs aura, bless a patient, or simply to send prayers out.

Here one is working with four main elements: The spirit of the tobacco, the spirit of the wood the pipe is carved from, the spirit of whatever image is carved onto the pipe, and most importantly, the intentions one brings to the act of smoking and blowing the tobacco.